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retail point-of-sale solutions Are you looking for a good Point-of-Sale system? Or are you looking to accept credit cards as a form of payment for your business? Whether you are a small, one store chain or a hundred store chain looking for a change, we can help you select the system (solution) that is right for your business and your budget. A new register system is a big and important investment. Talk to someone who has over 15 years in the Point-of-Sale field. The retail solutions that we recommend and sell are used by some of the top retailers in the country. They are designed to be probably the last system you'll need to purchase. These solutions also allow for the use of Portable Data Terminals. The store systems we select and recommend are 99.9998% reliable.

Is your current system that reliable?

Once you have made the decision, JLC Consultants, Inc. can also offer you the following services to make the implementation of your new system relatively painless:

retail point-of-sale system installation INSTALLATION

We offer installation services (including network cabling) for all of the systems that we recommend, including systems from IBM and ICL (formerly Fujitsu).


retail point-of-sale system training We offer on-site training for all of the solutions we offer. With the high turnover in today's retail environment, staff training is one of the most important keys to today's successful retailers.

After all, what good is "modern technology" if your store management and staff do not have the skills to take advantage of it?


custom point-of-sale programming Although the systems we recommend have almost all of the features and capabilities that a retailer would want, if there is something that is unique to your business, we have the ability to tailor the solutions we offer to suit your needs.

What fits better than a tailor made solution?

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