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Retail Point-of-Sale Help Desk Services


retail help desk Do you have a Help Desk Service? If you do, are you happy with the service that you are getting?

We offer help desk services for all of the solutions we offer as well as most other major Point-of-Sale systems from industry leaders like IBM and ICL (formerly Fujitsu). Unlike some other Help Desk services, the people who manage our help desk have many years of retail experience under their belts. We care if your business survives in today's complex retail world.

With the high turnover in today's retail environment, having a knowledgeable help desk resource that your store personnel can turn to is an important key to keeping your stores up and running as well as keeping your customers happy.

custom retail programming Sometimes, a problem may be nothing more than some poor programming. Why scrap a potentially good system because of a previous vendor's poor work? For customers that want added functionality and want to keep their existing IBM Software, we offer custom programming for IBM retail products such as:

  • IBM Retail Application / DOS
  • IBM General Sales Application

When the going gets tough, the tough come to JLC Consultants, Inc. Everybody needs some help sometime!

Retail Application / DOS is a trademark of CRS Business Solutions and IBM Corp. General Sales Application is a trademark of IBM Corp.

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